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Last week the Peace Torch came to visit our school.

The Peace Run is a global relay that seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. Since 1987 the Run has visited over 100 nations and touched the lives of millions of people. Formerly known as The World Harmony Run, The Peace Run does not seek to raise money or highlight any political cause, but simply strives to create goodwill among peoples of all nations.

Last week we had some special time with our buddies. We were inspired by our school visitors on Wednesday and created our own peace torches. We decorated them with peace symbols and pledges, then conducted our own peace run!

We learnt the important message of peace and would love to share what we know at home.


Hands On Science!

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Here are our thoughts about our incursion yesterday…


We learned that people and leaves have little holes in them and water comes out of them – LS

I liked it because we did lots of experiments. My favourite one was making a tornado in a bottle – ZV

I enjoyed doing the experiments – MC

I liked the experiments because it was lots of fun. It was exciting to do them because I haven’t done many experiments. – PF

We made a desert island to see the water vapour and learn about the water cycle – LT

We leaned so many things and met a teacher from Hands On Science – CC

I liked the experiments. My favourite one was the water cycle one – AK

I had lots of fun when we were making the experiments. I enjoyed the one when we put pieces of paper into green water – MB

I enjoyed when we put a blue block of ice in the water and the water turned blue – JM

I enjoyed the experiments. My favourite was when we spun a circle and put a marble on it. It showed that if the earth spun too fast, the clouds would run away – CH

I liked the experiment when we made the desert island – MR

I enjoyed making the sugar cubes into different shapes using water – GW

I learned that if you put leaves close to a hot light they lose water – LH



Just 1 Day Workshop

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Yesterday we had Ken from Just 1 Day come and run workshops for the whole school. Just One Day is a campaign which challenges primary school students and their families to live simply for Just One Day, learn about global poverty, and fundraise to keep poor kids in developing countries in school. Our Action Day is coming up on Tuesday 30 May. On this day the whole school will limit our use of technology and we will only eat rice for lunch.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s workshop:

Melbourne Victory Visit

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Today we had a visit from some Melbourne Victory players. They are going to come every Friday for four weeks and work with only the level 1 and 2 students. We are so lucky!

We did lots of skill activities today including one very confusing opposite activity! We even got to finish with a game.

Thanks to Mrs Barry for organising the clinics for us, we had a great time.


Here are some of our dance moves…

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Dance Moves

Welcome to Term 2!

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Believe it or not we are already through one week of Term 2! And what a busy week we have ahead of us…ANZAC day on Tuesday and Cross Country and OLGC Feast Day on Wednesday. Hope to see as many supporters as possible at Cross Country. Please also join us for mass at 9:15AM on Wednesday.

Last term we were the first class to return our Living Fundraiser money. As a result we were the lucky recipients of a pizza party on Thursday! Thanks to Olivia, Jenny, Clare and Kim who made this possible for us.

Computer Coding

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This week we started coding in our computer lessons. Mr Izzard kindly came in and explained what coding is and ran a lesson for us to begin coding on our own. We watched the following video which helped us understand.

We then went on to a website and begun coding on our own! It was frustrating at times but we all learnt a lot during the lesson. Any students that would like to continue coding at home can click on this link. Big thanks to Mr Izzard who gave up his time to come and help us this week. We had a great lesson – who knows what we’ll be coding in the future!