Week 5 Wrap Up

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Phew, what a week! We have been learning procedure texts in writing and began looking at fractions in maths. So to combine the two we made pizzas! We followed directions on Tuesday to make the pizzas and then wrote the procedure for making pizzas on Wednesday. We got to eat our pizzas but before we did that we used them to demonstrate fractions. We looked at halves, quarters and even eighths!

To end the week we had pyjama day. We were raising money the St Vinnie’s Winter Appeal. Their are many donations of warm blankets and clothing in the atrium but there’s always room for more! Many of us came back to school at 5pm on Friday to learn about homelessness, particularly in Melbourne. We bought a donation of a toy and a book from our own collections and decorated bags to place these donations in. We also wrote a card to place in our donation bags. These bags will go to St Vinnie’s who will distribute them to the homeless children in Melbourne. Hopefully we help to put a smile on their faces.

The grade 1’s and 2’s should be congratulated on the empathy they have shown when learning about homelessness. So many donations of books and toys were brought to the school and we had a great turnout of students willing to give up their own time on Friday night to learn about this important cause.

Special thanks to Lisa T and Mrs Celotto for helping us make the pizzas, to Marni C who helped us on Friday night and to all the other supportive mums who provided us with the soup to eat.

Here are some photos of our week…

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